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Our small-group enrichment classes are tailored to your pup's needs and desires. During these 1 hour classes, we utilize:
  • Puzzles

  • Snuffle mats

  • Weave poles

  • Hurdles

  • Tunnels

  • Ball pits

  • See saw

  • Flirt pole

  • Balance boards

  • A-frames

And so much more!

We are constantly rotating our enrichment equipment and activities so your pup never gets bored. Unsure if enrichment is the right fit for your kiddo? Here are some of the benefits of our classes:

  1. Reduces stress/anxiety

  2. Builds confidence

  3. Improves cognitive abilities

  4. Improves focus

  5. Decreases destructive tendencies

  6. Improves sleep 

  7. Improves problem solving

  8. Improves self-control

And so much more!

Enrichment classes are offered Monday-Friday between 11AM-2PM. While same-day sign ups are available, we do have a limited number of spots! 

Are enrichment classes not your kiddo's forte?

No problem!

We also offer Frozen Kongs, Puzzle Feeders, and Pup Cups for daycare lunch, or for boarding as a nice, enriching snack! Currently, we offer Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, Applesauce, and Pumpkin Kongs.

Did you know?

Studies show that just 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to 1 hour of physical exercise!

This means that our enrichment classes are equal to about 4 hours of physical exercise! 

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