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frequently asked questions

What vaccinations are required? Dogs must be vaccinated against distemper and parvovirus, rabies as required by law, and bordetella. Cats must be vaccinated against distemper, and feline leukemia and rabies as required by law. Because your veterinarian is the expert on your pet’s health, we ask that you provide us with written confirmation from your vet that your pet’s vaccinations are current. You or your vet may fax this to our resort in CDA at (208) 667-6761

Who can play in doggy daycare? All dogs must be 10 weeks or older and have completed their initial series of vaccinations. We prefer all dogs older than 6 months to be spayed or neutered. There are exceptions. Absolutely no females around their time of heat! All dogs must be in good health and free from communicable disease within the last 30 days. All dogs must be non-aggressive toward people and not food or toy protective. All dogs must pass a temperament test. We offer a four-hour free trial to see how they interact with other dogs.

What is a "trial" or "temperament test"? All pups, regardless of age, size, or breed, must pass a FREE, four-hour “trial” prior to boarding or coming to doggy daycare. Safety and comfortability are our top priorities here at CDA, and this test helps ensure our facility is the right fit for your kiddo. Upon drop off, we will have you sign a trial form, as well as give you a detailed pamphlet on our facility and services. The trial is a “drop and go” appointment, so after the trial form is signed and up-to-date vaccinations are received, you may drop your pup off and go about your day! If you do not receive a call within the four-hour period, that most likely means your kiddo is having a blast! If we contact you before the trial is over, that may mean your kiddo is struggling to find their place here at CDA. If your pup fails their trial, this does not mean they are unfit for doggy daycare, or that they are “aggressive”. Safety goes far beyond friendliness, and while we want every pup to feel like they’re on vacation while they’re here, we have to ensure they are doing so safely! Here are some behaviors that may cause your kiddo to fail their trial: Snapping Growling Excessive Barking Excessive Zoomies Excessive Humping Ignoring Corrections from Staff and/or Dogs “Policing” Other Pack Members (chasing them down) Hiding Overly Dominant Play Consistent Overstimulation If your pup is displaying these behaviors inconsistently, or shows that they are attempting to settle in but just aren’t quite there yet, we may do what we call a “pass on probation”, meaning that your pup can come back and we will keep you updated on their behavior. If the behaviors worsen, or your kiddo seems unhappy during this probational period, we may recommend other facilities. Trials are by appointment only, and spots fill quickly so we recommend scheduling your appointment a few weeks prior to when you will need our services. If you plan to only bring your pup for boarding, we also recommend popping in every now and then for a short day of daycare to keep them comfortable with the staff and newer pups.

My pet has never boarded before. How will they do? All pets experience their ‘first time’ at some point, just as children experience their first time with a sitter. Depending on your pet’s temperament, they will go through an adjustment period anywhere from a few hours to one or two days. Younger pets adjust rapidly and enjoy the social interaction. Because we don’t board any pet in a cage, we have found that they tend to relax more quickly than usual, although there are always exceptions. Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time to check on your pet.

Should I bring my pet's own food? If your pup eats lunch on a regular basis, you may bring them a lunch to CDA. However, most kiddos get finicky with their lunches, because they don’t want to miss out on the fun happening in daycare! For boarding, please bring your pet’s own food, pre-portioned by meal into individual bags or containers. Not only does this ensure your pup receives exactly the right portions, but it also gives our staff the time they need to focus on the safety and comfortability of your pups. Traveling is unpredictable, so we highly recommend packing a few extra meals, just in case!

I live out of town. Do I still have to bring my pup to the 4-hour trial? While we try our best to accommodate these situations, we do have to put the safety of our pack first. If you live out of town and need our services, we will schedule what we call a “trial to board”. This means that if your kiddo is doing well during their trial, we will allow them to stay for the remainder of the day and/or board with us if needed. Even if your pup is friendly as can be, we highly recommend having a “plan B” in these situations. Here at CDA, we aren’t just looking for “friendliness” but also promoting a harmonious environment. It may be best to have a backup arrangement in the event your pup does not pass.

What if I don't want my dog to socialize with other dogs? If your pup fails their trial, or you are not interested in them socializing with other dogs, CDA Pet Resort is not the right fit for your family. We are a resort, not a kennel, meaning that when pups aren’t eating or sleeping, they’re out in daycare having the time of their lives! While we give occasional breaks to those who need it, we do not “separate” pets during their stay with us. We are all about fun, friends, and family!

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