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Dog Grooming


We provide full grooming services here at Paradise! Here is what we can do to get your kiddo cleaned up:
  • Bath

  • Brushout

  • De-shed

  • Breed Standard Haircuts

  • Nail Trims & Grinds

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Ear Hair Plucking

  • Sanitary Trims

  • Face Trims

  • Anal Gland Expressions

  • Teeth Brushing

You can mix and match services to whatever your kiddo needs! Please note that all prices vary based off services, coat condition, size, and behavior of your pup. If your kiddo does not utilize our daycare or boarding services, you must still make an online account prior to scheduling your appointment! Click here to create your client login.

Did you know?

Daycare is free on the day your pup comes in for their groom!

This means that while you're at work, or running errands during their appointment, they're having a blast in daycare while they wait for their turn in the salon!

*Dog must pass our free, four hour trial prior to utilizing daycare services

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