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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

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A few notes before joining our pack...
  • All dogs need to pass trial prior to boarding and attending daycare.  Call the office 208-667-4606, to set up a trial.  Monday-Friday, 6:30a-12:00p, Saturday, 8:00a-12:00p.

  • Up to date shot records are required to be on file

  • We are unable to accommodate dogs in heat during cycle including 3 weeks after.

  • Our team will try to work with unaltered dogs however if your unaltered dog causes disruption within our pack, we will not be able to accommodate. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, we do not recommend bringing unaltered females.

  • Visit our NEW CUSTOMER page for complete info. 



CDA Pet Resort offers a beautiful, cage-free, in-door and out-door environment for your pup to release energy and gain social confidence in an open play setting. 



  • Long, convenient hours.

  • Over 17,000 square feet of indoor & 5,000 sq ft. outdoor space.

  • Artificial turf outdoors and pools during warm season

  • Several different play groups to fit your dog's personality

  • Cots for napping and platforms for exploring


We offer additional enrichment for dogs that can benefit from extra engagement. Working breeds like cattle dogs, ratters, or simply high energy dogs need additional mental stimulation. We offer a day care add-on called "Enrichment". Dogs are pulled out of group play to small, focused activities with our dog handlers. Activities are based on core dog behaviors like foraging and include scavenger hunts, agility course, good behavior exercises, toys, etc....

Enrichment is an add-on to daycare M-Th @ $10 per session

  • Pass trial (by appointment only)  Monday - Friday, 6:30a-12:00p, Saturday, 8:00a-12:00p

  • Copy of up to date vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, & Distemper/Parvo

  • Always check in with a collar and leash (no retractable leashes or prong collar. Quick release prong collars accepted)

  • Any dog found with fleas or ticks will need to be picked up immediately.

Daycare Requirements

Full Day Rates

1 Dog

1 Day        $25  (per day)

5 Days      $112.50  ($22.5)

10 Days    $200  ($20)

20 Days    $360  ($18)

2 Dogs

1 Day        $40  (per day)

5 Days      $200  ($40)

10 Days    $300  (308)

20 Days    $500  ($25)

3 Dogs

1 Day        $50  (per day)

5 Days      $240  ($48)

10 Days    $420  ($42)

20 Days    $650  ($32.50)

1 Dog

1 Day        $19  (per day)

5 Days      $82.50  ($16.50)

10 Days    $145  ($14.50)

20 Days    $260  ($13)

1/2 Day Rates

Less than 5 hours

2 Dogs

1 Day        $30  (per day)

5 Days      $135  ($27)

10 Days    $230  ($23)

20 Days    $400  ($20)

3 Dogs

1 Day        $45  (per day)

5 Days      $200  ($40)

10 Days    $320  ($32)

20 Days    $500  ($25)

Enrichment Sessions

1 Dog

1 Day        $10  (per )

5 Days      $45

10 Days    $85

20 Days    $170

2 Dogs

1 Day        $20  (per )

5 Days      $90

10 Days    $160

20 Days    $320

3 Dogs

1 Day        $30  (per)

5 Days      $135

10 Days    $220

20 Days    $450



Because we are all pet owners, CDA Pet Resort understands the anxiety both owners and dogs go through when they need to separate for travel. We know that you want your dog (and yourself) to be as comfortable as possible.  What better way to do this than to board your dog where he loves to play during the day! After playing all day in daycare, they will eat dinner and sleep the night away in a private room. We have several types of rooms to fit your pet's needs.


Luxury Suites


Standard Room

Rates are per night, per room

Boarding Rates








Standard Room, LG Dog or 2 Med Dogs

Std Room, Sm Dog(s)

Extra Lg Room, LG Dog or Multiples

Extra Lg Room, Door w/ Window, Enclosed for Less noise

1 Dog





2 Dogs
(same room)





3 Dogs
(same room)






  • Monday-Friday  6:30a-5:00p

  • Saturday              8:00a-5:00p

  • Sunday                 8:00a-9:00a & 4:00p-5:00p

If you would like your pup to go home smelling fresh, we would be happy to schedule an exit groom prior to pick up (Mon-Fri). Call to schedule as soon as possible as these appointments book up fast. Exit groom appointments range from $40-85+ depending on the size and coat condition of your pup.


  1. Vaccines:  Please bring your most recent vaccine record.   It's a condition of our licensing that your pup has up to date Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies vaccines.  You can email, or alternatively you can have your vet fax the records to 208-667-6761.  

  2. Food:  Please pre-bag your kibble into am/pm meals.  If you prefer, we can provide bagging as a service for $10.00 per stay.  If you forget your food, we have house food available at $2.00 per meal, per dog.  Please leave your food/water bowls at home. We have stainless steel bowls here and they are sanitized. 

  3. Bedding: We supply cots and blankets. If you would like to bring your pup's bed, please note that if there is an accident in their room, we may not be able to wash your pup's bed prior to pick up.

  4. Medication: We would be happy to administer medications and we ask that you provide clear direction notes for our team.  Dogs that require insulin shots, have high anxiety or prone to seizures are best boarded at one of the local veterinarians. 

  5. Label all items with your dog's name.

Any dogs found to have fleas or ticks will be required to be picked up immediately. If we are unable to contact you, we will need to give your pet a flea and tick bath at your expense. Protecting all dogs at our facility is our #1 priority.

If your dog goes into heat, we would prefer they be picked up. If pick up is not an option, your dog will need to stay in their room with several potty breaks during the day. Please remember that having an unaltered dog at our facility poses the risk of aggression or unwanted pregnancy.



Our Groom team LOVE what they do and partner with you to develop a groom plan to keep your dog's coat, skin and nails healthy. Call to get a quote or set an appointment Mon-Fri

On the day of your appointment:

  • Drop off your dog before 8:30.

  • If we have up to date shot records on file, your dog is welcome to join our daycare pack and run off some of that energy with their friends.

  • Our bathers start at 8:30 followed by the groomers.

  • You will be called when your Furry Friend is done.

Get ready for lots of clean smelling cuddles!!


Bath & Brush Out  

  • Includes: Bath, brush out, nail trim & clean ears...glands upon request

  • Dog Profile:  Labradors, Pugs, Aussies, Shepards, all short hair breeds

Full Groom  - Trim body fur

  • Includes: Bath, brush out, nail trim & clean ears...glands upon request

  • Dog Profile:  Doodles, Poodles, Newfoundland, Maltese, Yorkies, Med/Long hair breeds that require body fur cut down.

De-Shed Add On $10    (15 min leave in process during bath)

Nail Trim $10-15

Express Glands  $10

Brush Teeth  $10

Clean Ears  $10


We partnered with a local trainer to offer basic group and private training. Puppy and basic obedience classes are continuously offered throughout the year. Group classes are 6 weeks long and $150.

For more information you can email Addy at 208-215-5974.

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