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canine enrichment

We offer multiple forms of enrichment add-ons for your pups boarding or daycare stay! These include:

  • Enrichment Classes

  • Food Puzzles

  • Frozen Kongs

  • Pup Cups

Enrichment classes are offered Monday-Friday between 11AM-2PM. While same-day sign ups are available, we do have a limited number of spots! During enrichment classes, we will engage your pup’s brain in small groups with agility equipment, food puzzles, the ball pit, basic obedience, the flirt pole, fetch, and more! This is an amazing add-on for any pup, but especially ones who seem to have boundless energy. Mental stimulation is a more effective exercise than running or walking!


If enrichment classes aren’t your kiddo’s forte- no problem! We also offer Frozen Kongs and Puzzle Feeders for daycare lunch, or for boarding as a nice, enriching snack! Currently, we offer Peanut Butter, Greek Yogurt, and Pumpkin Kongs. You can also check out our house-made pup cup menu here!

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